My name is Richman Mahlangu. I was born in the city of Durban, South Africa. During the early years of my life, we lived in a small village called Dannhauser where my parents owned a little farm with sheep, cattle , and goats. I have four siblings-three girls who are older than my brother and me. I am the last born in the family.

Due to the sudden death of my father when I was thirteen, the family moved to the township of Lamontville located in Durban. the same year I discovered and fell in love with the game of Tennis. Every morning I woke up with the bubbles in my stomach and I thought about somehow escaping Apartheid and running to America to acquire an education. I tried really hard at getting good grades at school, and succeeded; everyday after school I played three to four hours of Tennis.

In 1985, I received an employment offer to go to Austria and teach Tennis at a Tennis Camp in St. Wolfgang, located about an hour from Salzburg. Here I learned a lot about the European cultures, which I knew very little about before. In fact, I learned more about my own country and exactly how Apartheid affected the lives of black people in South Africa.

In 1986, I received a Tennis scholarship to come to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and persue my education. I later completed my Masters Degree in Education Psychology at UNLV.

In 1990, I returned to Europe and pursued further opportunities teaching Tennis, not returning to the U.S. until 1996 with my wife and two very young sons, Nicholas and Yannik.

I personally coached them how to play Tennis since they were six and four years old. Nicholas attends Harvard University on a Tennis scholarship. Yannik, my youngest, is attending Georgetown University as well on a Tennis scholarship.